Contract Services

BIOMASS Sensor provide solutions to your applications. We prioritise your business and our scientific team supports you with the expertise that you will need. In additional, our professional engineering team supports your instruments’ consistent performances and long term maintenances.

We are committed in our services to our customers.

In realising our Expertise and Commitment to the continued optimized utility of your instruments, we provide the following areas of service support:

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Biomass Sensor service engineers ensure the proper installation and requirements compliance with manufacturer recommendation. Performance and safety are key factors. Professional training is comprehensively provided to aid customers in product usage and routine maintenance.

Validation (IQ/OQ/PQ)

Biomass Sensor provides the full range of validation programs

Application Support

Biomass Sensor application specialists and service engineers are professionally trained to represent our principal & support our customer with minimal downtime/ unique application requirement.