The Aber Countstar is a slide-based image analysis instrument for yeast cells that can be used with the same safe, traditional stains used in microscopy.

The instrument uses disposable slides containing 5 sample chambers that require just 20μl for each sample.

Using auto-focusing cell image analysis, one measurement takes less than 20 seconds with a 5 megapixel industrial colour camera to provide the cell count (total, live and dead), the viability%, cell diameter and the degree of aggregation.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range: 5×104 – 3×107 cells/ml
Yeast cell sizes: From 2μm upwards
Sample Volume: 20 μL
Measurement time: Less than 20 seconds
Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: 206mm (L) x 123mm (W) x 346mm (H)
Software: We recommend that the Countstar
software is run on Windows 7.
PC not included.