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Product Introduction

The process plant with high shear mixers (homogenizer mixer) are available with double-walled glass or stainless steel tank containers. Process plants with a useful volume of one to 400 liters. It also provides Jet Mills for Grinding and Filling units with sampling valves.

All high shear mixers (homogenizer mixer) are designed to meet the highest pharmaceutical quality standards (e.g., FDA). Depending on the customer’s requirements, the process plant with high shear mixers (homogenizer mixer) are additionally supplied with process visualization and optionally in ATEX.

Key Benefits & Feature

  • The process plant is customizable according to specific requirement.
  • Standard unit is equipped with temperature, homogenizer RPM, Scapper RPM monitoring and logging.
  • Customized unit can be equipped with pH, viscosity in-line monitoring.
  • The process plant can have weight balance & aerosol unit.

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Product Application

It is suitable for pharmaceutical, colours, laquers, chemical, cosmetic, food, flavours and fragrance industries.

Technical Specifications

1 to 400 Litre useful volume / vessel in jacketed glass or stainless steel

Bottom outlet valve:
DN10/ DN25/ DN50 dead space free bottom outlet valve

Working pressure:
vacuum 0.2abs./ pressure 0.4bar

Max. working temp.:
90°C with water, other thermo liquids up to 130°C

Shape of vessel:
conical or round  bottom with outlet in the centre dead space free

Bottom outlet valve:
316L Piston valve, outlet Tri Clamp DN25

Vessel  tiltable:
Double jacket  for heating and cooling

pressure test with water up to 2.0bar

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Customer Testimonial

The 1L unit with vacuum allows us to make brilliant cream at small quantity”

Firmenich, Singapore

“Our unit comes with bottom filling attachment. It gives us convenient to transfer and clean the vessel between homogenizing and filling process for small batch”

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

“We like the unit that comes with in-line monitoring for pH, viscosity. This allows consistent monitoring & reproducible production.”

Mibelle, Switzerland

“The product is manufactured with FDA submission-ready document. The manufacturer gives us a lot of trust and confidence for our process.”

Sanofi Switzerland

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