Standard Futura


From ABER Instruments’ range of Biotech Equipment products, the Standard Futura is suitable for most bioreactors and is ideal for 25mm diameter side mounted probes and 12mm. (Supplied with a 2 metre cable).

Option/s Part Number

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range: 50KHz to 20MHz
Measuring Ranges: Capacitance: 0.0 to 400pF/cm
Conductivity: 1.0 to 40 mS/cm +/-0.1 mS/cm
(Higher ranges available with compatible probes)
Cell Concentration Range: Depends on cell sizes but typically:
Yeast (6 µm): 106 cells/ml to 1010 Cells/ml
Bacteria (1 µm): 109 cells/ml to 1013 Cells/ml
Animal Cell (12 µm): 105 cells/ml to 109 Cells/ml
Plant Cell (50 µm): 103 cells/ml to 107 Cells/ml
Resolution: Resolution: 0.1 pF/cm.
Bacteria typically 0.1 g/L dry weight or 2×109 Cells/ml for E. Coli.
Yeast or Animal Cells 0.05g/L or 1 x105 Cells/ml
The relationship of these capacitance values to biomass levels depends upon the
cell type and line.
Accuracy: Typically bett er than ± 3% or ± 2% of the reading
Stability: Better than ± 0.2 pF/cm at constant temperature with standard conductivity solution of ~12 mS/cm
Linearity: Better than ± 1% over 100 pF/cm
Precision: Typically <±0.5 pF/cm, no filter active.
Power Supply: Natively 24V DC. This is typically supplied by an Aber Hub running on 110V AC to
240V AC mains.
Environmental: IP65 rated
Recommended ambient operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C