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ABER Yeast Monitors | Yeast Analyser | Yeast Monitoring Solutions

Effective live yeast management is an important process in a brewery. Our ABER Yeast Monitors have proven to be extremely vital to provide consistent live yeast management in many breweries. Biomass Sensor, support and provide consultancy service in the installation and commissioning of Aber in-line yeast monitoring solutions.

Getting a yeast monitor will help to ensure that brewery is able to perform process automation using PLC in the following applications:

  • Yeast Pitching
  • Yeast Cropping
  • Yeast Analysing
  • Yeast Cell Counting
  • Automatic Brewing Fermentation Monitoring


Getting a yeast monitor and laboratory yeast analyser will enable brewery to manage the live yeast cells’ in-line automatically. At Biomass Sensor, we specialize in offering consistent live yeast monitoring solutions such as ABER yeast monitors and laboratory yeast counting analysers that are useful in yeast monitoring and yeast cell counting.

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Effective Yeast Management

Advantages of Getting an in-line consistent live Yeast Monitor or Laboratory Yeast counting Analyser

Here are some of the benefits of getting a consistent live yeast monitoring product:

  • Higher rate of consistent fermentation
  • Faster beer fermentation processing
  • Reduced chances of producing off-flavours
  • Better beer quality
  • Long term financial benefits

Biomass Sensors has years of dedicated experience in providing consultancy in live yeast monitoring solutions. Our ABER yeast monitors have proven to be reliable and are used as standard equipment by various major brewing companies globally. Contact us today and allow our specialists to assist you especially if you have any questions queries regarding: yeast analysing, yeast pitching, yeast cropping, yeast cell counting, etc.