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Yeast management

Consistent Dosing with Portable Yeast Pitching Skid

With the Perfect Pitch you can take out the guess work from your yeast management process. You can also increase your capacity by moving beer faster through your tanks. And to top it all, you can improve the quality with better pitching consistency. 

Maximise Tank Yields & Consistent Fermentatation

Marble Brewery was looking for a solution that would help them maximise their tank yields and build consistency into their fermentation programme. Aber’s industry experience along with the reliability, accuracy and consistency of yeast counting and management are what attracted the team at Marble to utilise Aber’s PerfectPitch technology solution.

“It’s super-easy to use… you hook it up, plug it into your tank, put in the recipe and it gives us an accurate count based on the type of yeast we’re using.” says John Carroll, Head Brewer.

For the brewery based in Albuquerque New Mexico, the biggest improvement has been in the reduction in the deviation of fermentation time, which has come down to +/- 1 to 2 days, as opposed to +/- 3 to 4 days, improving their ability to plan and to really hone in on quality.

Consistent Quality, Flavour and Character of Beer

Founded in 1986 in St. Paul, Summit is Minnesota’s original craft brewer. The business is focused on creating original ales and lagers, driven by quality and consistency, and they really care about the character and flavour of their beers.

In order to scale profitably over the last 30 years, Summit wanted to manage yeast better, improving their yeast performance and management. They realised that the key lay in tighter management of yeast pitching rates, improving their fermentation management systems and increasing consistency across the board when it came to yeast performance.

Aber’s technology solution, expertise and partnership has been a vital ingredient helping Summit to grow from 30k barrels to 130k barrels of production.

Consistent Pitching for Craft Brewer

The technical expertise to drive change and consistency in partnership with one of the UK’s best loved challenger brewers.

Aber Perfect Pitch has enabled Meantime to achieve accurate pitching based on different recipes in a way that has significantly improved the way they optimise fermentation efficiency, making it faster and more consistent for them to control the amount of live yeast cells in their fermentation process. As they say, “accurate pitching for the perfect pint”.

The benefits of using Perfect Pitch

Meantime have seen clear benefits from integrating Perfect Pitch technology into their processes including

  • More consistent fermentations
  • A predictable final PG
  • Improved yeast health
  • Easier yeast pitching
  • Faster production
  • No waste

In simple terms, the most important and consistent result for Meantime, the Greenwich, London based brewer is, ‘better beer’.