Immersive Biomass Sensor


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Immersive Biomass Sensor (for bioreactor/ fermentor)

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proBE 3000 Fiber Optic Total Biomass Sensor

The proBE 3000 immersive sensor measures back-scattering reflectance at a wavelength of 1310 nm, where optical penetration into the medium is < 3 cm and the optically sampled volume is ~200 ul.  This measurement volume is small enough so that measurements can be made in small benchtop vessels while at the same time maintaining a very wide linear range of sensitivity to biomass (over 4 orders of magnitude).

The BE3000 system tracks fermentation progress from inoculation to harvest in real time enabling automated, continuous, online multi-vessel biomass/OD monitoring from < 0.01 to > 200 g/L dry cell weight, without dilution, without sampling, with a single probe.

The sensor employs a patented bubble compensation algorithm effective over 4 orders of magnitude biomass range resulting in accurate biomass reporting across widely varying process conditions.

  • Fiber optic biomass probe for all vessel types and sizes
  • Available in 3.2 mm, 4.0 mm, 12 mm diameters; fits mini bioreactors
  • Multi-vessel monitoring (up to 4 probes per multiplexing base unit)
  • Ultra-wide biomass sensitivity range: < 0.01 to > 600 OD units
  • Requires only 3 cm of fluid depth
  • Built-in predefined biomass calibrations
  • Autoclavable and CIP/SIP compliant
  • Probe and cable are fully detachable

Technical Data Sheet for proBE3000

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