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InLine Yeast Viability Counter (for Pitching/ Cropping)

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The importance of yeast management in a brewery cannot be overstated. Chris Boulton and David Quain rightly put it when they said, “If I was a yeast cell I would want to be looked after, cherished even!”. Understanding how many live yeast cells are working for you is one of the most important facets of yeast management. Better yeast management can directly lead to more consistent fermentations and beer quality, reduced fermentation times, reduced production of off-flavours, financial benefits etc.

Webinar (Presented by Proffessor Chris Boulton, Nottingham University)

Application in Brewery

Measuring Frequency:312KHz
Measuring Ranges:0 to 400 pF/cm
0 to 100% Viable Yeast Spun Solids
0 to 5×109 Cells/ml
Conductivity range of 0.75 to 10 mS/cm
Cell Concentration Range:Depends on cell sizes but typically:
Yeast (6 μm): 106 cells/ml to 1010 Cells/ml
Accuracy:Typically better than ± 3% or ± 2% of the reading
Stability:Better than ± 0.2 pF/cm at constant temperature with standard conductivity solution of ~1.4 mS/cm
Linearity:Better than ± 1% over 100 pF/cm
Precision:Typically <±0.5 pF/cm, no filter active.
Power Supply:Natively 24V DC. This is supplied by the YM V350
Environmental:MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE FOR COMPACT UNIT: 10 BAR ; IP65 rated; Safe ambient operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C
Measuring Ranges:           Capacitance: 0 to 400pF/cm, equivalent Cells/ml
         Conductivity: 1 to 40mS/cm.
Power Supply:         +24V DC
Power Consumption:         15W Maximum
Battery Backup:          7 years typical, at 25°C (Clock and Data Only)
Electrical Saftey:         Must be mounted in a suitable grounding system.
         Refer to installation instructions.
Environmental:          IP65 for fascia, when mounted in suitable panel.
          Safe ambient operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C
          Recommended ambient operating temperature range: 15°C to 30°C
          Relative Humidity: < 85%. Pollution: Deg 2. (EN61010)
          Recommended operating altitude: < 2000m

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