Membrane Holder Rd 28×1/8″


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Membrane Holder Rd 28×1/8″

  • Availability: 2-3 Days
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  • For use with membranes in bioreactor headplates
  • For use with addition ports and inoculation needles
  • For in-situ and autoclavable systems
  • With inner thread for closing with blind plugs or use with screwable inoculation kits
  • Mebranes (BBI-44130004) are available separately
  • Similar to pictures shown
ProductMembrane Holder Rd 28×1/8″
Manufacturerbbi-biotech GmbH
Port19mm standard port (head plate | lid)
External threadRd 28×1/8"
Internal threadRd 28×1/8"
Suitable for10l vessels
20l vessels
2l vessels
5l vessels
in-situ sterilizable
Components1x membrane holder

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