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Brewer's Yeast Counter (Laboratory/ Offline)

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The Aber Countstar can be used for rapid counting of yeast cells and viability estimation.

The Countstar is simple to operate and eliminates the time consuming, tedious and potentially error prone haemocytometer operation.

Speed up counting and minimize inter‐operator errors with the aber countstar

Graph shows inter‐operator variability. It is clear that a much higher variation was seen when four users perform viability estimation for yeast samples using the haemocytometer.

Technical Specification:

Measuring Range0.05 - 30 millions cells/ml
Yeast cell sizes:From 2μm upwards
Sample Volume:
Measurement time:Less than 20 seconds
Weight:8 kg (transportable)
Software:We recommend that the Countstar software is run on Windows 7. PC not included

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